Skirt from T-Shirt with Elastic Waist

After I realised how simple a simple skirt is to make, I thought I would try a different one, this time from an old T-Shirt. For the skirt I used this tutorial, and for the elastic waist I thought I would try this tutorial. Again I used black fabric, and it didn’t turn out too bad either!



Neck Warmer

I thought I would also whip up a neck warmer, except I don’t have any rice! Will update once I finally buy some rice. This one was easy and I didn’t use a tutorial. I had a piece of fabric folded in half that would be long enough and wide enough. So I simply turned it right side together, stitched along the bottom and up one side. Turned it right side out, and once I’ve partially filled with rice, will stitch the opening and probably top stitch.


Bag Insert – Storage Box

After realising how big my bag was, I thought I would make a bag insert. After checking Pinterest, I didn’t find any tutorials that I really liked, so I thought I’d wing it. I used all scrap pieces, and some heavy interfacing. While I thought I took ok measurements, it turned out I was wrong! It was way too big to fit in my new bag! Instead, I use it to store my fabric pieces!


(Not so) Reversible Bag

After my great success with my simple skirt, and the fact that I have a ton of new fabric, I thought why not try this reversible bag. I found this tutorial horrible, to say the least! After reading as many tutorials as I have, I realised this women cannot and should not write tutorials. I hope she’s not a teacher!?!

I don’t really care for reversible bags so I thought I would make the interior with white fabric. And of course, when I was cutting the fabric, I cut the Princess fabric wrong and could only use it for one side, so I found some polka dots! I also added a magnetic clasp to keep my stuff in the bag.


Simple Skirt with Elastic Waist

It has been a few days since I’ve touched my sewing machine, and I’ve been fabric shopping, so I thought why not try my hand at making a simple skirt? I opted with black fabric; 1 I prefer black clothes, and 2 it’s easier to hide mistakes! This wasn’t quite as hard as I thought it would be, perhaps because the measurements don’t need to be exact. I borrowed the inspiration from this tutorial. Let me know what you think!