Simple Apron

Every time I go to Walmart and look through the fabric I hope I will finally stumble across the Marvel one, there’s plenty of Spiderman, but I want Marvel! And finally that day came! So next came what to do with it! I wanted to make something for my husband with it, but something that he would actually use. We’d spoken before about me making him an apron, and I thought ‘thats great’! To Pinterest I went and came back with this super simple tutorial. And I barely used the tutorial when I made it. Probably helps that I have this nifty little notebook that I jot my patterns into, it’s easier to reference while making that way. And then if I really need help, I can refer back to the online tutorial. But this one I barely referred back to anything. And it came out awesome! And my husband loves it! He even used it tonight to cook us dinner! Win! (Beatrix) Kiddo even helped my cut the fabric – who needs pattern weights when you have a cat?


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