Grocery Bag Holder

So I attempted to make grocery bag holder last night, at around 11:30pm. The measurements called for a piece of material a little bit longer than the ones I had, but I thought I’d just use one of the colourful ones instead of cutting out of black or white fabric. So I thought a nice yellow would look good. So I measured and cut my elastic and twill tape and pressed everything.

Attempt number one – I made my 3/8″ seam and went to continue when I realised I had actually sewed it incorrectly. So I pulled all the stitches out and rechecked the tutorial.


Attempt number two – As I was about to start sewing I thought “I should check my bobbin and ensure there is enough thread”… But I didn’t. I didn’t even get a quarter of the way and the bobbin ran out! So I unpicked the seam again, and being around midnight, gave up for the night. I figured if I was making this many small mistakes now, I was really going to mess up the elastic or twill tape.

So the next day, attempt number three – Bobbin refilled and ready to go. Everything was going smoothly until I attempted to thread the elastic through the top opening and it got caught on the seam! So yet again, I had to unpick my sewing. So I did one side at a time and got the elastic through. After all of the effort that went into making something so simple, it almost makes me wonder why I bother? But it did turn out pretty good in the end, and will help keep my plastic bags in line!

Check it out for yourself and let me know your thoughts.



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