Lanyard and Another Broken Needle!

Browsing through Pinterest, again, and I found some more small projects to try. One of which was a simple lanyard. It looked fairly simple. So I gathered my supplies and cut my fabric. I begin to sew my lanyard, as per this tutorial, and everything was going swimmingly. That is, until I did my second backstitch on my topstitch and snap – another needle broken! Which was also the last one in my stash, which meant I couldn’t finish my lanyard – I only had to sew the final X and square and it was done. It was also after 10pm at night, so NOTHING was open.


So the next day I ventured out to get more needles (bulk). Of course this also happens to be the first real Canadian winter day of the season, -10 feels like -18 with 25km winds. Thankfully good old Walmart is a ten minute walk up the road and bulk (bigger) needles in hand I finished the lanyard. Yay!



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