With the thought of one day perhaps selling any of my items and also as a way of others knowing it was something I made, I had a look at making my own labels. There are various different methods out there; some involve buying specialty paper, or having them printed and sent to you. I thought I would try and make them using my printer at home.

One method I found was combining freezer paper and fabric, great in theory, not when no where stocks freezer paper. So I thought I could try with wax paper – wax paper does not adhere to fabric.

I thought I could try and just write my own labels on twill tape – a big ole nope!

The next method I found was combining Heat n Bond to the fabric, and this worked! I followed the directions and the first time the fabric and the adhesive bonded. Great! Then I just had to figure out which way my printer printed, and it worked! The printer didn’t struggle (it was a lot thicker than a single sheet of paper) and the image didn’t smudge!

So I chopped them all up and once I’d finished my lanyard, I thought why not attach one. I pressed it in place and then ran a topstitch around it as a safety measure, and its done!


And having bigger needles means I didn’t break any going through multiple layers of fabric – YAY! I think when I make more labels I will make a more prominent dotted line around the border to sew along.


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