Next Sewing Lesson

I bought my niece a bookmark for Christmas, however once we opened it we realised that it was quite chunky and didn’t like how it sat in her book. So I bought some elastic and thought I would attempt this bookmark, in full. Her favourite colour is blue and I decided not to use a second colour. I thought it turned out quite well and she seemed to like it when I gave it to her.

The assignment for this lesson, Turning and Top Stitching, was a mini messenger bag. I went to Walmart and bought some material and other supplies that I needed. Once I had printed the pattern pieces I realised how small the bag was, so I tripled it length wise.


The first mistake I learnt while attempting this assignment, is to read ALL of the instructions before being; especially before cutting your material. I cut the back and front and flap. I sewed the strap, which turned out really well. I continued with the steps and when it came to the part about sewing it all together I couldn’t find how to attach the flap to the back of the bag. Why you might ask? Because this is already attached when you cut the damn material! So I undid my stitches and recut the back, including the flap, and could continue to make the bag. Despite this hiccup, I was really proud of how the bag turned out.

When I inserted the strap to sew it in place, I turned it the wrong way around, however I kind of like it. It gives it something different!

The next day we went out for dinner and I used my new bag. Considering it has no interfacing, or closure, it actually held up pretty well. Nothing fell out and I could actually fit quite a lot in, considering how small it is. This was a fun nights’ sewing adventure!


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