Basic Bookmarks

After scouring my Pinterest links I found a learn to sew series by Crazy Little Projects. This is an easy way to learn some basic sewing techniques and has assignments at the end of each lesson so you can practice. Amber also wrote some really good information regarding your sewing machine and tools etc.

So the first lesson is sewing a straight line and the assignments is burp cloths. Now since I don’t have any children and don’t know anyone who does, I had a look around Pinterest for something else I could do. Bookmarks. Who doesn’t need a bookmark, and being an avid reader I know I am always looking for a bookmark and have been using a train timetable recently.

I found 2 bookmark tutorials, the first was this one and the second was this one. As I didn’t have any interfacing (and had no idea what it was) I skipped this part. And I didn’t have any elastic either, so I mashed the 2 together and created this.

I liked the roughness of the final edge and was disappointed with the other end after I turned it, so I thought I would make another one.

At first I wanted to add shapes to the bookmark, however my cutting skills with sheer material are poor to say the least, so instead I thought I would add it as a dangly bit (technical term!).

I learnt I can’t sew heart as yet, and sheer material is extremely painful to work with – at least this early in my learning adventure.


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