In The Beginning

I guess my journey started a lot like any other, with Pinterest! I wanted a sewing machine and started researching on Pinterest. Suddenly I was hooked and needed a sewing machine right then and there. However, when living in another country and trying to decide where you should live, made it impossible for me to achieve this dream just yet. And then we decided to stay! So for Christmas my Husband asked me what I wanted and I said a sewing machine. I did a quick search online and Walmart (simplicity for the Husband) and decided which one I wanted. I took him in store, pointed to it and said that one. And so it was done!


Nothing fancy or too expensive, enough stitches to ensure I won’t get bored, and easy button hole abilities! Next was setting up the room. I found a chair in the basement and stole the cats table (we bought her a new one), and set everything up in the spare room.

But before I put any fabric through the machine, it was back to Pinterest for simple things to learn to get myself started. And of course figuring out what supplies I would need.

So I ask that you join me, on my sewing adventure; Natasha Made Me!


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