Fabric Heart Coasters

I felt like making something else, and after numerous attempts at refashioning my nerd shirts to something else and failing, I thought I’d make these cute little coasters. I used scrap fabric that was big enough to cover the heart, but not actually the 4.5″ square, as recommended, which actually worked out better for me cause my sewing machine does not like too many layers. I think they turned out pretty well – some what time consuming, but worth it if they’ll save our new coffee table.



Simple Apron

Every time I go to Walmart and look through the fabric I hope I will finally stumble across the Marvel one, there’s plenty of Spiderman, but I want Marvel! And finally that day came! So next came what to do with it! I wanted to make something for my husband with it, but something that he would actually use. We’d spoken before about me making him an apron, and I thought ‘thats great’! To Pinterest I went and came back with this super simple tutorial. And I barely used the tutorial when I made it. Probably helps that I have this nifty little notebook that I jot my patterns into, it’s easier to reference while making that way. And then if I really need help, I can refer back to the online tutorial. But this one I barely referred back to anything. And it came out awesome! And my husband loves it! He even used it tonight to cook us dinner! Win! (Beatrix) Kiddo even helped my cut the fabric – who needs pattern weights when you have a cat?

Wrist Heart Pin Cushion

I heard that putting pins in your mouth is bad and I didn’t want to buy a pin cushion, so I thought I’d make one. I couldn’t find a tutorial I liked, so I thought I’d wing it again! I made the strap and attached some velcro – turns out my machine does not like velcro! After cutting out 2 hearts, I sewed one directly onto the strap. Then attached the other heart on top, leaving an opening for stuffing. Since I have no idea what pin cushions are actually stuffed with, and could not be bothered googling it, and it was late, I thought I’d just use cushion stuffing. Which is great in theory, but I have to be careful not the stab myself when I put the pins in it! After I had stuffed it, I stitched up the opening and I was done. Even thought it’s scrappy and I stab myself with pins all the time, it does the job, and I made it without a tutorial! And that’s Atila in the background!

Friday Night Bag

Since I’m still not ok with try zippers, even thought I really want to make a ton of zippered pouches and zippered fold over clutches, I thought I would try this Friday Night Bag. I didn’t use the plastic and I found the template to be horrible, it was still a fun little bag to make. Would I take it out on a “Friday Night”? Although it does have a lot of room for such a small bag, I don’t think it would fit everything I need with me!


Mini Scrap Wallet

I used to catch the train with my neighbour and she would always misplace her card. So when I came across this mini scrap wallet, I thought of her. I added a wristlet as well, and once I was finished I realised that she is allergic to cats and probably wouldn’t want to have something like this hanging off her wrist! Which leads me to my next post… Although I’ll probably just make her another one with some other fabric! I also should have put the wrist strap up way higher. Learning is all part of the adventure, right?